Thursday, June 2, 2011

My life, and new blog design.

SO sometimes I read other peoples blogs and they are so much more personable that I am and I don't really write about my personal life a lot. So I'm really going to try to fix that. :) More outfit mosts as well, since the weather is becoming nicer and I'll have better light to use for pictures.

HERE is the first of multiple blog posts into my world.
Currently here are some points:
  • Chinchillas!

My friend Nick is babysitting chinchillas! and one of them is pregnant! They are so cute but they are also super hard to catch them. They love to run around and explore. I was worried that Nick wouldn't know what to do if she went into labor so I educated myself via internet so I could help him out. Exciting!
  • Fresh Designs

So it doesn't look like much right now. But honestly my sewing skill are not up to were I want them to be, so this design is just draped on here right now. One of my favorite things is to mix and match two or multipe fabrics of different weights. I think it hads a little something to that piece. It also makes sense with my bipolar designs. :)

  • Art

A lot of people don't know that I enjoy drawing. I use charcoal and pastels cause I love to be able to feel the art and blend the colors. I'm not a picasso but every piece looks better than the one before. Its just a hobby that makes me feel good.

  • And the last picture = My Furbaby!

This is nugget. I love him with all my heart, even when he can be naughty. :)

**Also I forgot. I would really like to redesign my blog. I have gotten bored with it and want something that is more me. I would like advice or any websites that will help me in this quest.


samboy said...

awww, you should get a baby chinchilla!

christine mae Engcoy said...
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christine mae Engcoy said...

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christine mae Engcoy said...

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