Thursday, May 19, 2011

A belated wishlist Wednesday

Since school is out I keep losing track of the days! My bad! I though a step back into blogging would be a good start with a wishlist Wednesday! and im going to try to start blogging everyday, even if its just a tid-bit. I think it will help with my writing skills. And feed back is always a plus dear followers :)

The first is a pair of shoes I just started loving from payless.
I didn't like the bottom at first but I think I'd actually be able to walk in these!

All the new pouches/clutches from the Dainty Squid! You can tell her patterns and shop is growing with her! Its so cool to watch someone grow that way.

Everything at Black Milk. I absolutely adore all of their swim suits. Unfortunantly they are slightly out of my price range. :(
And I really can't wait to see what Audrey Kitching has in store for a new Tokyolux collection. The tshirt designs and the softness of the fabric are totally worth the splurge.

I think showing you my wishlist will also help prevent me from breaking out the credit card. At least I can hope :)

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