Sunday, September 26, 2010

Late night/Early morning entry

So i can not sleep, therefor i blog. :)

I just wanted to mentions some etsy store updates and somethings that people should buy me :)

First off, i would really like the store to officially be up by Thanksgiving, so i can get holiday purchases and orders in, and also get some more product done. It might be easy for some people but I'm really taking this seriously. I really hope that doing this it can open more doors for me in my career, so i really want things to look professional, yet still have my style and quirky-ness in it. Seriously if anyone has any advice for me, especially on how to promote my blog, that would be greatly appreciated.

(some sneak peeks at projects)

Now onto some wants (needs! haha)


I usually don't like cut outs but this design is amazing, plus i love solid color top + print skirt dresses. You will probably see quite a few from me.


And these shoes would look amazing with it! I looove them. I tried them on today and they fit like a glove. I may just buy them soon.


This place right here is having by one get one 50% off on shoes on there online store (not sure about in store). If that isn't incentive enough to get them, then i don't know what is!


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Ruth said...

your want list is nice =) also, I commend you on your etsy shopness. Its hard getting started but keep going and I hope you make it =3