Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fast Finds That I Neeeeed

Okay i have like 10 minutes to write this before class but I have a discount code for you guys, but I wanted to actually talk in the post too.

I am seriously obsessed with moccasins right now. I LOVE THESE. I want them in every single color imaginable. please. :)


I'm also really wanting a 'boyfriend' watch. Even though i have extremely tiny wrists, and this thing would probably be up to my bicep.

I also have started wearing a lot more gold than i used to. I used to be a strictly silver person. Expanding my jewelry selection I guess. There's this amazing gold square cut with lime green stone ring at this antique store in the town next to us. I can't stop thinking about it, and i should probably just get it, but that would mean no eating or no electric for next month.. decisions decisions.

and guess what!

at Land's End!

and what a coincidence! Land's End is sharing a promotion code with me for my continued partnership, and i get to pass these savings onto you! (if anyone reads this.) 25% off today and i believe tomorrow as well. Share with your friends and tell em about this blog!

here's the code!
Promo code: LESHARE
Pin: 3171

You're welcome. haha!



Fawn and Flower said...

I love those shoes too but I've heard really crappy things about them. I can't remember where, either! But someone said that she was surprised that she paid so much for them and when they arrived, the bottom was just the same leather as the top, so they're basically like slippers. Not too impressive, but totally adorable.

bi.polar.sewer said...

That's really unfortunate :( maybe I'll just make my own, i know how to felt the basic shape.. its not easy but i know how to.