Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Holidays! and New years resolutions (WARNING: Long Post :)

yeah yeah i know I havn't posted in forever! But the holidays have been crazy hectic, but in a good way. I hope yours have too!
Some little things that I've done since being home from school:
Fabric Shopping! All the fabric stores in my home town have been run out of town due to Walmart (bleh!) SO my aunt was going to take me to omaha, but their ending up being some family drama so we decided to post pone the trip (bummer). But then she was asking a family friend and she told us about a discount warehouse a half hour away that had a pretty good deals.
Here are some pictures of the place:

I think I found some great fabric but you'll have to wait to see those :) I'm actually trying to get into an independent study this semester with textile design. I think its fascinating to see something you design come to life, especially if its something you create through a computer program.

I probably started this post like 6 days ago but I keep getting interrupted. So many people I want to see when I'm home, and I've always been super close to my family.
Special Gifts!
From my boyfriend's mother

(I don't exactly have the best of cameras and my house doesn't have the best lighting so I'll show a cuter one when i get to my place)
One from my best friend and Designer Lindsey Faber

Its a perfect pouch to hold my sewing supplies on the go! and i love the prints together :)
And as for New Years Resolutions!
1. Exercise more - I feel like this should always be a given. I don't need to lose weight but I would really like to be more fit. A little more tone.
2.Etsy SHop up and at em! Just wait! haha
3.Blog almost every day!

Some new projects I want to try!
The Dainty Squid's Project 365
The Sew Weekly's Dress-a-week
What are your new years resolutions??

By the way two new subscribers! Always makes me happy!


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