Wednesday, July 7, 2010


So i thought I'd take time out and show you some little gifts i have been given recently.

The first being from the first blog giveaway that I've ever entered! and won! It was from the lovely Biscuit last month!

I received a butterfly belt buckle, a lovely necklace, and a pair of star dangly earings! All of which are so adorable.. and they already have my creative juices rolling.

This is me in the necklace.. i haven't showered or put my make up on YET today. haha

The second is a gift that i received from my boss Joi on my Birthday!

A beautiful stationary set with patterns inspired from the 1950's. and what a coincidence! My senior line that i am started has 50's silhouette's! I thought it was very fitting.

and last but not least!

i love note pads! and these are precious. One already has recipes and a grocery list on them! haha! Another gift from CAbi from last summer.. but it feel new cause i just found them! haha

I promise I'll get to that DIY that i was talking about. I've kinda had a hard day so I'm just going to try to relax and do some sketching tonight.

Here is a parting picture of my furbabies, Maehem and Nugget!


Katie said...

That stationary set looks beautiful! Some lovely gifts :)

richelle jean said...

oh my! beautiful necklace and BEAUTIFUL DOGS!

samboy said...

oooh lucky lady!

I won something from Biscuit/Danielle too! yay x