Tuesday, July 6, 2010

sewing frenzy

So lately at work i have been doing a lot of pattern making. I never thought I'd like pattern making, what with worrying about screwing up measurements and what not, but i find it quite enjoyable. Knowing that you took a basic block and created something that is your own.

So i started out small and just did a simple sheath dress.

I used this awesome Japanese paper umbrella fabric that i found at JoAnns.

It is a little big for me in the bust, but i was using a Size 8 basic block pattern. That is the size that our dress forms at school are, so i figured it would be an easy size to fit for my senior line.

I also started making a duplicate, with a fabric change and some small sizing changes, so maybe this one will fit me snugger.

I used a pink tulip fabric with a white lining for this one.

and here's a sneak peak on a new line-esque i am doing.

I'm thinking of trying a DIY tomorrow via blogger. We'll see how ambitions i get.


CaL said...

You're such a grew sewer! Thanks for the blog button postage. =)

samboy said...

I just love the umbrella dress! So beautiful! x