Sunday, June 6, 2010

oh my golly

So i was out shopping with my mom at a local flea market and i found this set of 4 chairs that i fell in love with without even sitting it. And i got an awesome deal on them too! they are kinda retro pink and orange.

i was thinking waiting room chairs for potential happenings in the future or new apartment chairs.

They are super comfortable also, i got lucky there.
There was this dining room set with puky olive green (one of my faves!) chairs, but im a broke college kid, so ya gotta pick and choose.


samboy said...

hello! :) Thanks for following me!

I love these chairs, what a lucky miss you are! I never find awesome furniture!x

Petie said...

Love these chairs, very retro. There's so much you could do with them. Are you planning to recover or leave them as is?

Shelayna said...

Those chairs rock! I would paint them white and cover them with damask. They could be adorable! Im super jealous!