Sunday, June 6, 2010

hidden treasures and new buys

so today i was cleaning out my closet and found these:

awesome coasters i forgot i had! stuffed in a suitcase. Last summer i went to LA for a study field tour and visited designers and companies. And from those visits we got swag bags. These were a gift from CAbi or Carol Anderson by Invitation. They have similar parties to marykay or lea sofia but for clothing. I also received a black suit jacket with 3/4 length sleeves from them, which i adore.

As for the new buy i got a new sewing machine!

I've had my old one since 7th grade and it was pretty basic. Also the bobbin wasn't holding very well anymore. The main things i was looking for in a machine for now was button holes and blind stitches. BUT with this machine, even though it's not the most bestest in the world that costs a zillion dollars, it does quite a bit. I'll try to show you everything i make with it!

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