Saturday, December 6, 2008

Coats ;)

Peacoats have become a huge fashion trend, for males and females alike.
I've found that i am a huge fan of these on boys. It just looks so sleek and polished. Interesting fact: they were first made to be worn by the sailors of the European navy.

I have a friend that has one and i know J wants one very badly. But finding the perfect coat that you want to wear with every outfit for the season, or for multiple seasons.

I have a long one but it's a brand that isn't the best of quality. The buttons have fallen off several times and a huge hole in the lining. I think i'm going to revamp it next month. But bright purple buttons and maybe woolen lining for extra warmth.

Other than that i love these coats. I found one at ON that i love. Of course.. its lime green :)

have a stylin' day ;)


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petrushkabiel said...

Hello...Thanks for having me...I like your blog, I also love the coat you're posting...Nice cut and oh I love green ;)

Have a nice day (^,^)v