Friday, December 5, 2008

Boots! <3

So i love love love love boots. When i was younger i used to hate them and think they were nerdy, but now i love the warmth and the look. And i love the color lime green, as you can see on my blog. So these lime green cow boy boots (to the left) were perfect. They were even better when these steve madden, normally priced at $165.95 were only $30 at a club sale. I thought i'd died an gone to heaven!

These other "boots" are adorable as well. I'm not exactly sure what they are called, but they are like flats with high tops. Almost like a faux boot. I don't know how much warmth they are, but i've seen many different brands and they are to die for. I havn't found the perfect ones for myself, but trust me, I'm on the look out ;)


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