Wednesday, March 9, 2011

New love addiction! ++ St. Patricks day!

Okay so i religiously follow Audrey Kitching on Buzznet and Twitter. I really admire her ballsy clothing choices and her zest for life and achieving things. And also I love both of her current clothing lines! Tokyolux and Coco de Coeur.

I love them so much that my broke ass had to buy something! or maybe two somethings.. haha

I love them both and how soft they feel!
There's a couple more coming in the mail that I'm impatiently waiting for! haha.

And then an update on my friend over at Skimpily Clawd.

St.Patty's day dresses!

It may be a bit late to get one, especially since St. Patrick's day is only a few days away.

But heres a peak of her new spring dresses!

I'm hoping to see mzz faber this evening!

So go start shopping at these two amazing sellers!


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