Tuesday, January 11, 2011

NEW things

So exciting new things are happening in my life!

#1- I'm having professional pictures done tomorrow of some product. So that means the shop will FINALLY be up. Pinky Promise.

#2- I've decided to start dancing again. I danced for 13 years of my life while I was growing up and these last couple of years I've missed it. So I'm taking pointe classes at a local clinic. I'm excited, but since I've never done pointe I'm also a beginner.. which means I'm the oldest in the class. haha Oh well. If anyone else is considering it I say go for it, but be prepared for your feet to kill.. :)

Here is an outfit post of a shirt i received for Christmas

(can you tell I love floral? :)

If you have any questions or advice about my blog -- http://www.formspring.me/bipolarsewer
Please let me know!

And here is a link to my inspiration tumblr -- http://worldforgettingworldforgot.tumblr.com/
I think having your favorite photos or ones that you randomly find on the internet in a easy online blog instead of clogging up a folder on your computer.


ps. btw I'm contemplating signing up for the fencing club -- might be fun? anyone with experiences with fencing?

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