Saturday, December 18, 2010


I think that even since my last "my fashion" post that mine has completely changed. I want to show you some images that I've found that I think reflect me. And in turn will reflect in my designing.

I absolutely love feathers. I'm trying to incorporate them into some earings and some face masks I'm currently designing.

So when I first saw these or similar ones I didn't really think much of them. But not I would really love a pair, not gonna lie. I would probably pair them with my basic black jeggings.

Gauzy- Cotton dresses that make you feel light an airy..

I absolutely have never liked fringe before. But this season It has really grown on me. I LOVE IT. I expect lace covered fringe vests in my near future..



christian said...

I really like the feathers!

bi.polar.sewer said...

Me too! and thanks for the comment :D

Lindsey said...

too bad your feet are itty bitty or i would pass along my fringe boots to you!