Wednesday, December 15, 2010


so when i started this whole blog thing i thought "man I'm going to blog everyday and i'm going to become so popular and become a better designer and have so many friends!"

But these things have not happened. Well, not the way I expected them to.

In my personal opinion I will always be striving to become a better designer. I am currently working on my public speaking and writing. I think that these things will benefit me in the near future.

I think I always wanted the popularity because of some of the other bloggers I have seen with thousands of followers. But maybe I don't want that. Maybe I just want to talk and write and whoever wants to read be my guest. I would like people to want to hear my opinions and understand me better, but maybe I shouldn't force it.

Lately I have been having epiphanies about my future and how I want to handle certain situations. I have also noticed that I think more before i speak, write or text. I think this is really a turning point in my maturing. We'll see how it goes I guess.

But I'm going to go back to quilting right now. Afterwards or in-between I hope to grade a bodice pattern to a 6 and make a mini-dress. Potential shop addition.

ps. It will be up either Jan 1st or the day I get back (Jan 7th).


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