Wednesday, November 3, 2010


So i decided it would be a good idea to show you guys my style. I'm going to try to make products that are usable by people of different styles, but they are obviously going to be influenced by my own style. Here are some tid bits of things online that i think represent me well.

I actually think this top is pretty cute.. probably would pair it with jeggings or my black leggings with stir-ups. Dislike hats tho. I have too tiny of a face for them to look good. (source)

ps. Doesn't this model remind you of a certain America's Next Top Model winner?
Nicole Linkletter? weird.

I realized tonight that i enjoy a lot of tops from Twelve by Twelve. Not all though.

This whole out fit is cute! I like neutrals, that are very comfortable. Even though I am a fashion designer I do not believe that you need to sacrifice comfort to be stylish. (source)

This top would probably end up being more of a dress than a tunic on me, since I'm so short. I love black and dark tops, but i also love loose tops. I like a little freedom and flow in my arm areas. (source)

I believe I fell head first into the "jeggings" trend. I was always looking for a skinnier skinny jean and one that wouldn't get baggy in the rear after a few wears. Jeggings have helped immensely with that. (source)

And then me and Target will always be friends. It will probably be my first spot shop if I'm looking for something, for its affordability and they always have fresh things. Also being a college student.. can't really afford to be spending a lot on my wardrobe unfortunately.

But those are tid bits (not all) things about my style.

Leave a comment or post about your style! I love to hear them.


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