Sunday, November 14, 2010

new happenings


I've had new ideas and thoughts for projects for the shop. I feel like sometimes I'm always designing. It gets hard to sleep sometimes.. anybody else feel this way? I guess I shouldn't complain. I've been in designer funks before and they are no fun.

But anywho.. I've been making little lap quilts lately, just to practice my sewing skill and keep em' fresh. Just little plain square ones. But I've been using different types of fabric, not just quilters cotton, and I think i'm really enjoying it! So potential new product: lap quilts out of unconventional fabrics and fun colors. I really like it! now i just gotta keep my seam allowance's equal.. haha! But i think one of my main things about them is no one is perfect. Not all my lines are always going to be straight.. I'm HUMAN! Which makes them even more special to me.

Little peeks at fun and (some) vintage fabrics!

My camera doesn't do some of them justice.. thank god for photographers!


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