Tuesday, November 30, 2010


(where have you been!)
I know I know. I'M A HORRIBLE BLOGGER. haha.
But! I started 2ish new blogs.
(are you serious!)
Yes yes, BUT these are not fashion blogs.
(how are you gonna keep up with 3 ish blogs?!)
Who the heck knows.
BUT I have had more motivation lately so I'm going to attempt it.

My first new blog is one on blogspot.
Don't Forget The Light is meant to open up me and my personal side to the internet (scary!) haha. I'm not really sure anyone is going to read it, but I'm enjoying writing and want it to potentially carry me somewhere.

I made a tumblr.

I KNOW I know.. cheating on blogspot. (I also have a flickr and a deviantart, but i'll keep those hush hush too). [good lord I'm addicted to the internet].

I wanted to keep it as a inspiration picture blog, with an occasional random quote haha.

I love hearing thoughts and opinions so comments are always welcome. As well as my two emails:


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