Thursday, October 28, 2010

Friends and blogs and etsy!

So I'm still working on setting up my etsy shop. I am going to school for fashion design and it is crazy to me how many of my classmates that have no idea what etsy is. I feel like as a designer, and a new one at that you need to embrace every single piece of technology and website and book and technique you can get your hands on. But that also means you need to go look for these things as well.

But on another note. One of my classmates has an etsy! And it is amazingly adorable. Lil' Bow Peep Creations is clothing for children! so cute an adorable. It's also really great to see a person like me striving and driving.

These booties are killing me!
(ps. here is their blog)

On another note, I keep seeing scarves like these:

and these..

on campus! I've probably seen like 30 of these. Don't get me wrong some of them are really pretty, but i feel like they kinda just attacked. No warning, they were just there! Personally i really love handkerchief scarves, but I think I'm going to have to get myself one of these.

ps. NEW new layout. I actually love this one so no changing for a while!

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