Thursday, August 5, 2010

movine,sketching, sleepy

So one of the things that as been driving me nuts is lately is moving into my new apartment down at college. My parents keep moving dates around and vehicles we are going to use and furniture that i want to take. I want my rooms to look coherent and make sense, which is hard to do when working on a broke budget. But since I'm sewing new curtains, and whenever i find a couch.. if i don't like it i'll re-cover it, but honestly i just want to get it over with. I want out of my house.. its not a very inspiring place for me and i neeeeed to do more sewing. Potentially going to set up an etsy shop with a friend + take a full course load + find a part-time "real" job. Haha good luck to me.

Right now i'm trying to do some sketching for a 3rd project for my internship. But im 'drawing' a complete blank. But thats ok. im watching sex and the city and even though a lot of the clothes are 90's its still awesome.

Btw i finished my first quilt today

Its awesome but you can't tell haha i'll try to get a better picture of it later. :)

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