Saturday, August 28, 2010

im tireeed

facebook/twitter/etsy/email/phone number all created in one day for the bi-polar sewer! i sat in this very chair and did those things for 2 1/2 hours! It was all very exciting haha. there not much to see and my etsy account is only a user not a seller yet.. well because i'm waiting for a new camera to get here. my camera stinks. Anywho add me/follow me/like me for support and to find out whats new in the studio.

with a new camera my blog updates will look 100000x better. by the way its going to be under-construction for a bit while i find the perfect background/layout/header that makes me happy.

If you have any advice you can comment here or email me at :

anyway before i go i wanted to show you this.

I'm teaching myself some draping techniques. I've had a little preliminary teaching done during my internship and a little hint of it in a patternmaking class, but other than that i have a text book! haha i did this before bed and i don't know how its going to look, but i was pretty proud of myself.

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