Friday, August 20, 2010

catching up

So for my internship (that is sadly over :() we went to chicago for the CHA show. I helped teach a class that ranged from beginners to experienced students of all ages. It was an awesome experience. We also happened to go fabric shopping, which was a treat due to the shortage of good fabric stores in my town.

Like this new form? Found it for $40 at a local antiques mall! It actually adds some spunk to my homey studio. The breasts are a little awkward but ill just pop some cups on it to smooth it out when i want to use it or photo it.

I ended up dropping the base on my foot (ouch!) and had the biggest bruise I've ever had! Crazy!

Some dresses and silhouettes I'm trying out! I also am thinking about starting an etsy shop. What would you like to find in an etsy store?


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