Monday, November 2, 2009


my cousin helped me take pictures for a photography class i was taking. If i could afford it i would buy a better camera. I miss film and all that jazz. I have an old polaroid that id love to use for everything if i could, but it has no film and im not sure of where to get any! Help me find some! :D


Eggy said...

heyy, thanks for your follow. those pictures are amazingly eerie, really cool. i'm trying to find a good digital slr camera. i do love polaroids and wish so dearly that they would come back. you could probably check ebay, i'm sure they're somewhere...

fayeee said...

Hiiii, thanks for following me - you must be extra awesome to do thattt ;)
old cameras are the best I must say, althought I do really want a proper slr camera but I never know which one to get/!
do you know any good ones that you could advise?

konstantine said...

i really like these pictures. like, an insane amount.
it's like there's an underlying story to each of them.
high five, keep it up.