Tuesday, April 14, 2009

One Day..

In one day i bought the material..

I drew the inspiration sketch..

And i started creating..

My batteries are dead on my camera so i used my phone (sorry for the quality!).

Ive decided i want to work on my photography! I think i could be really awesome. I honestly love love love doing nature and background scenes but i'd like to try new things, find my style. I just found my style in my sketches and i will be posting some as soon as i can find some batteries!

i don't know what to do about the straps on this dress though, i'm a bit fuddled up. I've never been good with straps though. :(


Francheska said...

oh wow! in 1 day????
thats quite the motivation you have going on there! very inspiring! I should work on mine.. I leave everything last minute.. :)


Lady Death said...

That looks great! I certainly wish I was able to sew.